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Does Your Child’s Vision Keep Getting Worse?

New options are available in Kitchener to slow or prevent the need for glasses in children.

Your child’s vision may depend on what you do right now

Learn how it’s now possible to slow the deterioration through myopia control.

Myopia control is now available locally in the Kitchener area under Doctor Laidlaw and Doctor Chinn at GoldenEyes Optometry.

Myopia control is a service employing techniques proven to slow down the progression of nearsightedness (myopia).

Dr. Laidlaw, Optometrist

If you are concerned that your child may soon need glasses, or that their current glasses may need to be stronger, Doctor Laidlaw and Doctor Chinn invite you to take the free assessment below.

The below form will give you an instant assessment on your child’s potential candidacy for the service.

Privacy and Security

You will not be contacted by GoldenEyes Optometry unless you request to be.

Pricing and service details can be discussed confidentially by phone or email.

The rapid non-medical assessment is intended only for informational purposes.

Instant Myopia Control Assessment

How old is your child?

When was your child’s last eye examination?

When does your child wear glasses?

Does your child currently wear contact lenses?

Do you have a family history of near-sightedness (myopia)?

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