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Privacy Policy

Visitors to (the "Website") and patients of Dr. Alison Laidlaw (the "Practice") have a right to know what personal information is being collected and how it is being used. This Privacy Policy applies only to this Website and not to any other personal or medical information that you may share with The Practice. This Privacy Policy is based on the Federal “Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act” (PIPEDA).

Types of Information Collected

Website Forms

What is collected: Several forms are available on this Website. They may require the user to submit their full name, e-mail address, or telephone number, along with non-personal information such as preferences. We ask that visitors do not submit additional personal information (such as health card numbers, addresses, etc.) or medical information (such as conditions they may have) using these forms.

How it is collected: User-submitted information is collected using several voluntary forms, including a Contact Form (to allow visitors to contact the Practice), an Appointment Request Form, and a Contact Lens Re-order Form. Form information is received by the Practice via e-mail.

How the information is used: The Practice uses this information to provide services to visitors and patients.

Who can access the information: The Practice receives this user-submitted information and may archive it indefinitely. In special cases the Practice may share submitted information with Visible Optometry (the optometrist website company which hosts the Website) for the sole purpose of troubleshooting the form submission mechanism.

Traffic Statistics

What is collected: Most visitors to this Website will automatically share some non-personal information, including the pages they visited, their type of computer operating system, the city they are visiting from, and other similar information.

How it is collected: Visitors who have javascript-enabled browsers will have information recorded by Google Analytics, a website traffic analysis service.

How the information is used: The aggregate information is used by the Practice and by Visible Optometry to assess the performance of the website, to make usability improvements, and to provide website performance statistics for marketing purposes.

Who can access the information: Traffic information is accessible by the Practice, Visible Optometry, and Google Inc. in accordance with their privacy policy.


By providing personal information using the Website you agree and consent that the Practice may collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Policy.

Questions or Concerns

Questions or concerns about access to your personal information, the collection, use, management or disclosure of personal information, or this Policy, should be made in writing to the Practice using the mailing address found on this Website.